Buy your own wine cellar

WINE is not merely a drink, nor is it just an olfactory-gustatory experience. Wine is life. In these four letters one will find all that is dear to man: cheerfulness, intimacy and joy, sincere friendship and love, as well as a million colorful impressions. And what could beat drinking wine in a place where it shows the best of itself: IN ONE’S OWN WINE CELLAR?
And you, too, can have a wine cellar of your own! You ask where? Just outside the capital city: in the Monor Cellar Village! You may already know that Monor is home to one of Hungary’s largest groups of architecturally invaluable cellar buildings. And some of them are looking for a loving and caring new owner!
In a nationally unique initiative, the Monor Wine Trail Association has launched the “Buy your own wine cellar” campaign. The aim of the campaign is to find new owners for cellars for sale in the Cellar Village and thereby prevent beautiful buildings from vanishing into non-existence. The means to the end are now all on hand. In 2011, a LEADER-funded project compiled a detailed cadaster of the 180-hectare Strázsa Hill. The cadaster contains, inter alia, the data and photos of cellars and press houses currently offered to be sold as well as the contact information of the sellers. The Monor Wine Trail Association maintains a registry of dozens of cellars for sale and provides assistance with the purchase.

Why become owner of a wine cellar?
  • Because the prestige of the Monor Cellar Village is continuously growing, partly as a result of its events attracting more and more visitors every year. If you decide to plunge into a buy now, you will receive great value for money!
  • Because the atmosphere of the Cellar Village enchants everyone. Entertain your family, friends, and business partners in your own wine cellar and accept their congratulations over a glass of wine.
  • Because as owner of a Strázsa Hill wine cellar you will most certainly have a lot of fun whether you grow grapes and produce your own wine or simply use it to recreate and get together with family and friends.
  • Because if you decide to buy a wine cellar here, the Monor Wine Trail Association will offer assistance both with the purchase itself and any necessary refurbishment. And if you wish to produce your own wine, they will give you a hand with that too.
How to become owner of a wine cellar?
  • As a first step get a general positive impression on our websites: and and then use the contact info on these websites to get in touch with us.
  • Come take a walk in the Monor Cellar Village. You may want to visit on one of our official cellar visit days. Find out more on the website.
  • Watch out for our events and join us for the first wine festival of the year, Jégvirágtól borvirágig (Icicle to Grog-Blossom), where the wine cellars of Monor open their doors to lure visitors with their mulled wines and delicious snacks. And when seduced anyway, why not check out what the First Monor Cellar Fair has to offer. It may be the wine cellar of your dreams.