Bodor Wine House

“I will make wine from nothing but grapes, so help me God!”

As early as the age of 6 I already trotted in my grandfather’s footsteps in the family vineyard. From then on he always gave me tasks in the vineyard and the cellar that fitted my age. I remember him with a grateful heart.

I started my independent career as a wine maker after finishing my studies in 1971. In 1988, my wife, Zsuzsa, and I transformed the family vineyard into its present form.

The vineyard is on a south-east slope of the Gödöllő Hills. Thanks to the splendid location and unique microclimate, our vines grow delicious grapes. 
In our cellar, which is one of the “open cellars” of the Monor Cellar Village, we offer wine-lovers and tourists a treat of quality wines fermented in wooden barrels.

János Bodor, Grand Master of the Monor and Vicinity Strázsa Wine Order
Phone/Fax: +36-29-412-190, Cellphone: +36-30-905-9468
Szilvás dűlő, Monor Cellar Village