Csúzi Family Winery

A place for good wines and good conversations

The Csúzi family started vine growing and wine production on Strázsa Hill five generations ago. Then, the produce of the vineyard was just enough for the family itself. By now, five generations later, the estate has grown large enough for the Csúzi Family Winery to be founded. Today the total area of the vineyard is 3.5 hectares, accompanied by an apple orchard with 1000 trees.

The main grape varieties we grow are Italian Riesling, Szürkebarát, Blaufränkisch, Portugieser, and Cabernet Franc. Besides single varietal white and red wines our sampling repertoire includes a Blaufränkisch rosé and a late-harvest Italian Riesling as well as some exciting red and white cuvees. Apples form our apple orchard are offered both as fresh fruit and in the form of traditional and diabetic apple jams and cheeses. We use blossoms from our lavender plantation and various herbs to produce refreshing syrups.

We are one of the “open cellars” of the Monor Cellar Village, offering wine tasting sessions to groups of 10 to 40 persons. Our guests may choose to taste three, five, or seven different wines and snacks of own-made sausage, salami, smoked bacon and ham. We also make dinners for groups of 10 to 40 persons: anything from a single course to a full meal, for which we use raw materials produced on the family farm. Every month we organize family afternoons in which the various stages in the yearly cycle of plant development is presented to the public: apple trees in blossom, lavender harvest, grape harvest, etc.

All the work at the winery is done by members of the family: my parents, my wife, our four children, and I, which guarantees that visitors to our cellar are given a homely welcome. The experience has been described by some guests of ours with the following sentence: “People arrive here as visitors but leave as friends”. We hope to have you, too, in the circle of our friends soon!

Szabolcs Csúzi
Secretary, Monor Wine Trail Association
Szabolcs Csúzi - Phone: +36-20-572-4668
Mrs. László Csúzi - Phone: +36-29-410-582, +36-20-469-6382
E-mail: info@csuzipince.hu 
Web: www.csuzipince.hu
Facebook: www.facebook.com/csuzicsaladi.pinceszet

Csúzi Family Winery
Diófa-dűlő, Strázsahegy, Monor
GPS: N47.3682670762, E19.4533967691