Óhegy Wine House

The Óhegy Wine House is located on the vine hill of Péteri. It is at a distance of 2 km from the center of Péteri, near to Strázsahegy, Monor. The view is wonderful from the hill top, on clear days one can see as far as Budapest. The Wine House has a wine cellar, a terrace with a capacity of 100 persons and a sampling hall, which can accommodate 60. If hungry, our guests may choose from grilled, oven and caldron-cooked dishes to please their appetite.
The Óhegy Wine House offers a selection of traditional Hungarian dishes made with home-processed pork, chicken, and beef. The wines and pálinkas served with the food are all from local producers.

Groups of visitors (whether family/friends or company gatherings) are offered possibilities of guided hiking, paintball and airsoft competitions, as well as open pig killings and horse sleighing in winter.

Kind regards,

Róbert Kovács K., MD, Ervin Tarsoly, and Ferenc Sajtos
Contact person: Róbert Kovács
Phone: +36-20-914-7545
E-mail: borkucko@freemail.hu
1 Óhegy, Péteri
Mailing address: 2209 Péteri, Petőfi u. 141.